Defending Poland’s Good Name – part one [1/2]

Defending Poland’s Good Name – part one [1/2]

▶ History gets warped through honest mistakes, misinterpretation and outright manipulation, by individual people, politicians, historians and media. It is the IPN’s mission as a historical institute to uncover the truth, and it is the Office of International Cooperation’s job to deliver that truth. To that end, we monitor hundreds of media and social media outlets, as well as official communication channels of foreign government agencies, from Russia to Canada, from Israel to Sweden.

⚠ We handle approximately 100 history distortion and defamation cases every year. Whenever one of them catches our attention, we turn to our Historical Research Office for backup on facts, and consult the legal department. Then, we contact the defamation authors, explaining where they went wrong, and ask for correction. If need be, we publicize the case on our website, social media and through diplomatic channels, warning the world audiences against manipulation and putting the facts right.

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